March 16th, 2020

The bimonthly all-members meeting is this Wednesday, March 18th at 5pm. To facilitate social distancing and accommodate self-isolation, the meeting will be broadcast with Microsoft Teams from the regular location. You have the option of joining in person at Hamilton Family Health Team (spaces limited) or participating in the meeting remotely. Please see the teleconference section of the coalition website for details.

Add a meeting reminder to: your Google calendar, your Outlook calendar.

Kyle’s Place

If you know of a trans or non-binary person in need of groceries, delivery of medication, a ride to appointments, or peer support please have them get in touch with Kyle’s Place via or message Kyle’s Place on Facebook. Can travel to Brantford, Halton, and Niagara regions.

March Events

The 2SQT Community Events calendar produced by Kyle W can be found on the coalition website under Resources. Please confirm with any event organizer that meetings have not been cancelled. We understand that the response to COVID-2019 has cancelled nearly all meetings, but greatly appreciate those service providers who recognize that social distancing and isolation affects marginalized communities in a disproportionate way and are trying to strike a reasonable balance.

Job Posting at City

The City of Hamilton has posted a position for Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator (part-time, 18 months). This is a position where a candidate who was trans, gender-diverse, or non-binary would be excellently suited to supporting the city’s work to deliver training on topics that include gender identity and gender expression. The posting on the city’s job postings site.

Pull for Pride Hamilton 2020

We’re excited that Pull for Pride Hamilton is back, and Frances’ team at Iron Sisters have named the coalition, the Queer Justice Project, and Speqtrum as this year’s beneficiaries. You may recall that Frances and Iron Sisters were named the first Foundational Sponsor of the coalition, to reflect the extraordinary impact of their support in 2019 to the coalition’s capacity to make positive change in Hamilton.

There’s plenty of time between now and June 28th… consider participating in this inclusive powerlifting event! No prior experience needed, since you’re competing for your personal best and raising money for every pound you lift. Register here.

Language Matters

Shout-out to Ward 3 Counsellor Nrinder Nann, who took time at a council meeting on February 26th to make a motion that the term “feminine hygiene products” — in another motion about a pilot project — be replaced with the term “menstrual health products.” Inclusive language matters, and it is good when we can see our elected officials making that point. (Thank you Cameron K for the tip via Facebook.)

Grant Writers Wanted

Women and Gender Equality Canada have invited Canadian equality-seeking organizations working primarily or entirely with the LGBTQ2 community to submit proposals for projects under the LGBTQ2 Community Capacity Fund. We received this invitation directly by email! If you’re interested in collaborating on a proposal to this fund to expand the coalition’s capacity, please email