Kyle’s Place

Kyle’s Place is a trans and non-binary prioritized space that is committed to fostering community, solidarity, support, advocacy and access to resources, particularly for community members who are marginalized due to race, class, age, mental health and abilities. Kyle’s Place uses a peer/mutual aid model and values the knowledge gained from lived experience.

Kyle’s Place is home to:

  • transParent Hamilton-Niagara which offers advocacy workshops and support to parents/guardians of trans and non-binary youth;
  • The Brody Brown Name Change Fund which assists with the financial burden of changing legal documents;
  • The TransForm Pop-up Shop which is a social enterprise supporting trans and non-binary folks with paid employment skills and experience; and
  • a once monthly older trans peer support group,
  • a food pantry,
  • clothing swaps, and
  • a weekly afternoon social drop-in.

Kyle’s Place offers no cost meeting space and a place to host events for grassroots agencies that are committed to and work from an anti-racist/anti-oppression perspective.

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