This resource is provided to expand acronyms, short forms, and other domain-specific terminology that may appear in coalition documents.

ACD Annual Clinical Day at Hamilton Academy of Medicine
BATA Brantford Advocacy Trangender Alliance
BPD Bipolar Disorder
CCE McMaster Centre for Continuing Education (at James & King)
CME Continuing Medical Education, often used to identify the education credits that doctors collect and become an incentive for participation when offered by an education program
EMR Electronic medical record
FHT Family Health Team. There are two in Hamilton: HFHT and MFHT.
FMPE Foundation for Medical Practice Education
FP Family Physician
GDC Gender Diversity Clinic, a part of Adolescent Medicine at McMaster Children’s Hospital (n.b. the term ‘clinic’ here can lead to misunderstandings about capacity, see various minutes)
GRCHC Grand River Community Health Centre (Brantford)
GSC Good Shepherd Centre
GSFR Gender Studies & Feminist Research program at McMaster, and/or placement students from that program
GSYS Good Shepherd Youth Services
HAM Hamilton Academy of Medicine
HATH Halton Alliance for Trans Health
HCP Health Care Providers
HFHT Hamilton Family Health Team
HNHB Part of the common name of LHIN 4 and an acronym for the area covered: Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand, Brant, Burlington and most of Norfolk
HTHC Hamilton Trans Health Coalition
LHIN Local Health Integration Network (see also HNHB; Hamilton is in LHIN 4)
MD A practitioner with a Doctor of Medicine degree (a “doctor”)
NHCHC North Hamilton Community Health Centre
NP Nurse Practitioner
OCFP Ontario College of Family Physicians
OTN Ontario Telehealth Network (provider of eConsult)
PBL Problem-Based Learning (a mode of medical education)
PH/PHS Public Health Services
QTYC Queer and Trans Youth Collaborative
RHO Rainbow Health Ontario
RJCHC Ron Joyce Community Health Centre
RN Registered nurse
RNAO Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario
ROI Release of Information (a process by which one medical professional is able to receive private medical records of a patient under care from another medical professional)
SHN Shelter Health Network
St. Joe’s St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and its various sites and services
SW Social worker
TAN The AIDS Network
TDoR Trans Day of Remembrance, Nov 20
THC Trans Community Health (clinic through SHN)
ToR Terms of Reference
YWC St. Joe’s Youth Wellness Centre