Join by Teleconference

Meetings of Hamilton Trans Health Coalition are being held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All Members Meetings by Zoom

The link to attend each bi-monthly all member meeting is sent to the email distribution list the week before the scheduled meeting. Members can use Zoom on a desktop or mobile device, or call in on one of Zoom’s local access telephone numbers to join the discussion. Connecting with a webcam is optional but encouraged.

Our meetings usually begin with an update from all present member organizations on their programming, plans, or current challenges, followed by a discussion of ongoing coalition business.

For small groups (five to 15), all participants will be able to speak during the meeting. For larger meetings, participants are muted by default and asked to post questions using the chat feature.

If you are having difficulty connecting to or hearing/seeing the meeting, these steps may help:

  • connect from a desktop computer with a wired internet connection
  • move closer to your WiFi router
  • ask other people on your network to limit their use of high-bandwidth applications for the duration of the meeting
  • turn off your camera to reduce overall bandwidth requirements
  • try to connect with a different device, like a smartphone or tablet
  • use a headset or earphones that include a microphone
  • restart your device and try to connect again

If you wish to participate in this meeting but find it inaccessible, please let us know (email