The Hamilton Trans Health Coalition is made up of many kinds of people — doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists, other health professionals, and trans, gender-diverse, and non-binary residents and visitors — working together to build Hamilton’s capacity to deliver quality gender-affirming health care.

Join the coalition at a level of engagement that works for you and your practice:

Corresponding Members are connected to the coalition through email, receiving information about resources that help them provide trans-specific health care.

Attending Members meet one evening every other month to share information about their work and ongoing initiatives of the coalition. Some are new to trans care and want to be ready for their first patient, and some provide their existing expertise to other members to expand capacity in Hamilton.

Steering Members attend additional meetings to set the work plan of the coalition in order to implement the mentorship, education, advocacy, and system change that the larger membership has prioritized.

All members enjoy a supportive, judgement-free environment to which they can bring their concerns and challenges around trans-specific health care, and an information and referral service to which they can direct patients, colleagues, and other inquirers.

Email to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HTHC’s meeting schedule?

The coalition has an all-members meeting every other month, usually on the third Wednesday in the evening. The next meeting date and location (or Zoom link) is shared on the mailing list.  

Subcommittees of the coalition may meet more frequently based on their respective goals and projects.

Are HTHC meetings in person or virtual?

Pre-COVID-19 HTHC meetings were in person. Since COVID-19, HTHC meetings have shifted to a virtual format. Many members have expressed that virtual meetings are more accessible to them so at this time meetings are only taking place virtually.

Are HTHC members expected to attend all meetings?

All members meetings are an important opportunity to connect and share information between ourselves, so if you’re able to attend, please do! Having said that, attendance isn’t mandatory and members can still be in good standing by participating as corresponding members.

How many emails can I expect to receive if I register as a member and am added to the mailing list?

The number of emails sent to the mailing list varies depending on the week and what is happening in the community. Typically questions or information related to community resources and gender-affirming care are emailed out once or twice a week. There are additional emails with links to upcoming meetings, agendas, meeting minutes, etc. sent out as needed.

Members can turn on Digest Mode to have multiple emails sent in a time period summarized into one email. To turn on Digest Mode, follow the instructions here:

I am an affirming service or healthcare provider and want to support local trans, non-binary, gender diverse, and Two-Spirit communities. How can I help?

The most common request the coalition receives from community members is a request to be connected to a trans-competent primary care provider. We keep a short list of practices who try to make space to accommodate these requests. If you are providing gender-affirming care, or you are connected to someone who might be able to take on a patient who is having trouble accessing gender-affirming care, please let us know.

If you are working outside of primary care, we still want to hear from you! Our community members also need affirming care when they are referred to specialists, accessing mental health supports, going for diagnostic testing, etc. Please connect with us so we can chat further.

I am a trans, non-binary, gender diverse, or Two-Spirit community member and I am interested in joining the Gender-Affirming Care Advisory Committee. How do I sign up?

The Gender-Affirming Care Advisory Committee is separate from coalition membership. The Advisory Committee is open to both coalition members and members of the public. Unfortunately, the Advisory Committee is currently full, and we are no longer accepting applications. If spots become available, we will reopen the application form and post an update on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website.