Members of the coalition can send announcements or questions to the all-member email list by addressing a message to list distribution address.

There is a size limit on messages (250kb) and it is preferred that posters and other attachments be included as a link, where possible.

Joining and Leaving

Email to express your interest in joining the coalition to be added to the all-members email list.

Send an email to from the email address where you receive messages to unsubscribe yourself from the list.

Digest Mode

The mailing list offers a digest mode which will collect all the messages over a specific period (usually 24 hours) and send them as a single summary. To enable this mode:

  1. Open the mailing list page at
  2. Click Sign Up (top left)
  3. Provide the email address with which you are subscribed to the all-members list.
  4. Provide a username (it can be the email address) and a password.
  5. Verify the email address by clicking the link in the message you are sent.
  6. Return to and click Login
  7. Provide the username and password you selected and click Sign In
  8. Click on your username in the top right and choose Mailman settings from the drop-down menu.
  9. Click on the tab List-based preferences
  10. Change the Delivery mode select box to Plain Text Digests
  11. Click Save

You can also request that digest mode be turned on for you by emailing