trans-LINK Project Update

trans-LINK is mobilizing partnerships to advance a provincial intersectional network on trans-affirming practice to support sexual assault survivors.

Trans Pap 101 – a #meded video on safe(er) cervical cancer screening

On #WorldCancerDay we’re excited to launch #TransPap101 a #meded video on providing safe(er) cervical cancer screening for #trans patients. Watch the video here. Congratulations @healthinthehmmr @heykatbutler @BirthControlDoc @JProfetto @RobinLennox @colekgately @alicemccavanagh & more!

Ally is a Verb

The best way to be an ally is to listen with an open mind to transgender people speaking for themselves. Talk to transgender people in your community. Check out books, films, YouTube channels, and trans blogs to find out more about transgender people and the issues people within the community face. from Tips for Allies […]

Joining is Easy

Learn more about the coalition by joining one of our monthly meetings. Get in touch. It’s easy to become a member, and we have types of membership that acknowledge our different capacities to engage on the issue of trans health: Corresponding members are connected to the coalition through email, receiving information about resources that help […]