If you:

  • are trans, gender-diverse, or non-binary, and
  • live, work, learn, play, or access gender-affirming services in Hamilton

the coalition requests that you participate in a survey on your awareness of (and experience with) gender-affirming services in Hamilton.

Participants are eligible to receive a $10 honorarium and enter a draw for four cash prizes of up to $100.

About this Research Project

One of the purposes of Hamilton Trans Health Coalition is to better understand why trans people can’t connect with gender-affirming services in Hamilton.

This research project will help us understand the visibility of services, service providers, and community organizations. It will help us assess community awareness and comfort with services and service providers. This is an important part of addressing “service gaps” — the inability to connect to a needed health service — which can have many causes. Is the service available, is the community aware of it? Is access hampered by uncoordinated ways of advertising supports and programming?

A better understanding of which services are best known to community members, which they are the most likely to pursue, and how they come to learn of new and changing services will inform how the coalition and its member organizations can increase the visibility and accessibility of gender-affirming services and supports in Hamilton, and consequently improve positive health outcomes for trans, gender-diverse, and non-binary people.

Is this survey anonymous?


Who will have access to the collected data?


Honorarium and draw terms and conditions

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Other questions and concerns