If we’ve done something you are not happy about, we want to hear from you about it.

We have a formal complaints process. It was created to ensure that anyone who has criticisms of our work has the opportunity to be heard. You can read the full Complaints Policy (PDF) or read the summary of our procedures on this page.

We respond to complaints that:

  • are an expression of personal dissatisfaction over something HTHC has done or failed to do,
  • are signed with a full name and some form of contact information, and
  • are from a person who is affected by HTHC’s work.

We invite you to submit a complaint in one of four ways:

  1. Fill out and submit the form below
  2. Send an email to complaints@hthc.ca
  3. Speak to a member of HTHC staff
  4. Send a letter to:
    Hamilton Trans Health Coalition
    PO Box 60516 Mountain Plaza
    Hamilton ON L9C 7N7

If you submit a complaint we can respond to, you will receive an email from us within five business days to confirm that we’ve received it and are looking into it. We try to address all complaints within thirty days. We will be in touch with you within that time if we expect the process will take longer.