Gender-Affirming Counselling

You may wish to refer to Sherbourne’s Guidelines if you or your doctor are unclear about the role of or requirements for counselling as part of your gender-affirming healthcare.

  • If your family doctor is a member of a family health team, there is likely a counsellor you can access through that team at no cost.
  • Psychotherapy is only covered by OHIP when provided by a psychiatrist or family physician, and would require a referral from a family physician.
  • There are gender-affirming psychotherapists in Hamilton, but they are not covered by OHIP. Some may offer a sliding scale.
  • People age 25 and under can receive a wide range of gender-affirming supports at Youth Wellness Centre (
  • Friends of Ruby provides up to 20 scheduled 1:1 counselling sessions for LGBTQI2S youth ages 16-29 across Canada by phone, video call, and online chat. Call 416-359-0237 or email to receive a registration link.
  • Catholic Family Services offers a walk-in counselling service ( and subsidies are available for some users.
  • If your family doctor is not gender-affirming, you may wish to explore the possibility of switching to another doctor’s practice. A gender affirming family physician should be able to refer you to appropriate counselling.

Gender-Affirming Therapists, Counsellors, and Coaches

We understand these care providers to be gender-affirming based on either their self-report or a recommendation from a patient or colleague.