7am – 5:30pm
Hamilton Convention Centre
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton ON

Autumn and Simon are available to fill in, Siobhan and Rob will alternate between attending the event and being at the table.

Time Activity Person #1 Person #2 In this shift…
7:00a-7:30a set up* Simon  Autumn
7:30a-9:00a shift 1 (1h30m) Autumn  Siobhan registration
9:00a-11:00a shift 2 (2h)  Aric morning break
11:00a-1:00p shift 3 (2h)  Ty lunch break
1:00p-2:40p shift 4 (1h40m)  Finn?
2:40p-3:20p shift 5 (40m)  Finn afternoon break
3:20p-6:00p tear-down* Simon

* there can be more than 2 people for setup and tear-down