HAM Clinic Day Schedule

7am – 5:30pm
Hamilton Convention Centre
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton ON

  • The program goes to 5:30pm but I suggest we staff the booth until 3:30, the end of the final break
  • At least one and maximum two people at the table throughout the day
  • During the breaks there should be an MD (Siobhan or Rob) at the table (shifts 2, 3 and 5)
    • Break schedule: Morning (9:40a.m. – 10:20a.m.), Lunch (12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m), and Afternoon (2:40p.m. – 3:20p.m)
  • Tear-down can’t start before 3:20pm (end of afternoon break) and must be done by 6pm

Autumn and Simon are available to fill in, Siobhan and Rob will alternate between attending the event and being at the table.

Time Activity Person #1 Person #2 In this shift…
7:00a-7:30a set up* Simon  Autumn
7:30a-9:00a shift 1 (1h30m) Autumn  Siobhan registration
9:00a-11:00a shift 2 (2h)  Aric morning break
11:00a-1:00p shift 3 (2h)  Ty lunch break
1:00p-2:40p shift 4 (1h40m)  Finn?
2:40p-3:20p shift 5 (40m)  Finn afternoon break
3:20p-6:00p tear-down* Simon

* there can be more than 2 people for setup and tear-down