Gage Park
set up: 10:30am
tabling: noon to 6:00pm (latest)
tear-down: between 4pm and 6pm depending on traffic and weather

To find the table, ask a pride volunteer for the Queer Trans Youth Center (sic) table, as HTHC does not appear on the vendor list. We are at tables 148 and 149, in the vendor area to the left when facing the bandshell, along the south edge of the park, across from Path Employment.

Time Activity Who
10:30am Bring equipment, set up table Mela, Rosa, Simon
noon shift 1 Simon
1pm shift 2 Dion/Kwasi, Suzanne
2pm shift 3 Dion/Kwasi, Suzanne
3pm shift 4 Erin, Joanne
4pm (maybe) shift 5 Erin, Joanne
5pm (maybe) shift 6
between 4pm and 6pm tear-down Mela, Rosa, Simon

Floating coverage from folk with their own separate table: Cole, Mela, Rosa, Dion